The Beginning of the Climb (Part 4)

If it was easy everyone would do it, right? At least this was the reasoning I gave myself to explain why I was enduring so many setbacks. My coach told us we were unable to become affiliated with the school, but we were still playing for college scholarships and nothing changed. By this time, I’m just ready to play ball. Going back to the hotel, was a solid reminder of just how real life could get.

Imagine this, you live in a hotel with pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, and drug addicts, and the cops are always circling the building. The room for error was very minimal. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. My living environment was even somewhere I could find tranquility. I couldn’t even release my frustrations out on the field because there were days we didn’t have practice. Really at this point, only God, my faith, and a pact I had with one of my best friends Bobby were what kept me going.

Let’s rewind the story back briefly. Bobby was my brother in high school, we played ball together during our junior year. Our senior year, he wanted to go play at football powerhouse Apopka High and wanted me to come, but I chose to stay where I was. We both went to college to play football and we both wanted to end up playing together at some point again. Little did I know this dream wouldn’t come to fruition. I still remember the phone call like it was yesterday. It woke me up out of my sleep completely and I just kept thinking there must be some mistake. The only question I could ask was why bad things happen to good people? If I could turn back the hands of time and give him a warning I surely would have.

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