The Beginning of the Climb (Part 5)

To make a long story short, he ended up getting eighteen years in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s why I’m so cautious with who I let around me nowadays. Once this happened, I told him I would keep ballin’ for him. After I landed in Palm Bay, I ended up focusing on school after the season. At this point, I had to take six classes in the spring and three in the summer to graduate. I figured I knew the algorithm. All I had to do was get my associates of arts degree and I had my ticket to a four-year school. To no avail, I passed all my classes and gained admission into the University of South Florida for Fall 2013. I continued to train to walk on the team when I got there.

I remember the feeling I had like it was yesterday. The air smelled and tasted different. There is just something about being able to have a new opportunity. It awakens you to all the possibilities at your disposal. This feeling engulfed me throughout my first semester. I found out tryouts would be postponed until the spring. I buckled down on my studying, but also connected with some cool individuals in the process. Spring came around and everything I trained for the last few years was about to come to me. I envisioned the touchdowns I would score and how I would help my program be on top. They say man plans and God laughs. God laughed at the plans I made for myself. An average tryout mixed with few years of eligibility opened the door to the end of my football career. The emptiness I felt was unlike anything I’ve felt before. I had been used to a brotherhood for so long, but fate had any plans. I pledged and became a member of the world’s best fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. This was my toughest task to date, but I became a better man in the process.

          A year later in December, I closed the door on the USF chapter of my life when I graduated. It was the beginning of another new journey. After doing Uber,working two jobs at one point, and the death of my great Grandmother I was hit with a lot. In her death, I found a new life and I knew I wanted to go back toschool for myself but also for her. I started taking prerequisite classes in 2017 for doctor of physical therapy programs. This required many sleepless nights, challenging coursework, and a lot on my plate. I started this story to document the struggles I went through that led me to chasing the career choice I have chosen. Months later since I first started telling this story I am waiting. I have an interview in February with a DPT program. In addition, I’m waiting to hear back from a few other schools. Opportunity has become attracted to me and allowed me to gain multiple internships this year, leadership roles,and a powerful network. Excuse my absence, but I’m back and the best is yet to come.

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