No Regrets

Do you remember when you were a kid and every dream you had seemed attainable? Whether it was to become a professional athlete, astronaut, actor, whatever it may be, those were the times right? Nothing was impossible, everything was achievable and we usually had our parents backing whatever dream we brought forward to them. But as we get older that changes, suddenly when you explain your ultimate dreams and goals, they get shushed, you get told to go for something more realistic. That is tough, because you do remember those times where you were telling people close to you the exact same dream and they were all for it, what changed?

Most people get older and their imagination and creativity decreases as reality hits. All of a sudden, life happens, responsibilities start piling up and those dreams that were had as a kid are slowly slipping away. As these people get older and they come into contact with kids who had big dreams like they did when they were younger, they sometimes unknowingly cast their doubts and negativity to the next generation. It just becomes a cycle and a lot of potential is dampened and we settle for ourselves and the generation behind us being like everyone else.

For me, the big dream I used to tell people was that I was going to be in the NBA (National Basketball Association) and be one of the few pro ballers from Alaska. I use to watch and train with that in mind and I was fortunate to have family members who were on my side with that goal. It was people at school who got in my head. I would tell them that I was going to be in the NBA and they would say things like, “you can’t make it,” or “you’re not that good” and it got in my head. Those were my peers and when your in high school, you don’t want to hear from your family members, what your friends say is what is important. Because my friends were saying these things it got in my head and slowly I started to lose interest in going to the league because of who I had around me and them saying it was impossible.

Now as I am older, I wish I had put more effort into chasing that dream. Who knows what may have happened, opportunities could have raised because of the desire to chase that dream. Now as I am older, I have new dreams to kill it in the field of physical therapy and these ones wont be deterred. Want to know why? Three reasons, number one I have the ultimate belief in myself and the ability to make those dreams come true. Number two, I have found and surrounded myself with the right people, that hold me accountable, support my goals and pick me up and dust me off if I fall. Number three, I remember that original goal and I will not allow two of my dreams to have passed me by.

Do you have a dream now that you have, that people tell you not to chase? You have two choices, believe in yourself and chase for the top or aim for a sure-fire lower branch that you know you will be successful at. I would suggest the former, you are capable of so much and I hope you realize that. The worst thing would be to be 30, 40, 50 years in the future and be like damn I wish I would have gone after what I was passionate about. Live your life from now on with no regrets. You never know what may happen. Everything is possible, believe in yourself, surround yourself with the right group of people and attack and go be great! Make the younger you proud.

Farimang Touray

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