Turbulence (Part 1)

In the middle of the storm, I was able to find my peace. Strangely enough, something was familiar about this feeling. I don’t know if it was the thought of all the things I’ve had to overcome in my life. Maybe it was the fact that I realized some things are out of my control. I went on a trip for a few days for a school interview. After arriving at the airport, I took an Uber to my hotel which was about two miles away. Most people like to ride in silence when taking an Uber. Normally I would fall into that spectrum, but this time was different.  My driver and I conversed about a variety of things such as my reason for coming, interesting things to do in town, and the culture of the city.

“The only reason men fail is because of broken focus.” These were the final words my driver Tony left me with as I reached the hotel. I reflected on this quote throughout my days there, leading up to the interview. I pondered on all the times I was not successful in a goal or task and I examined how they related to this quote. Sure enough, the common factor in all those times was something broke my level of focus. It’s a phenomenal thing when the words of a stranger can impact you positively. I told myself nothing would distract me from performing well in my interview. A couple of days later, I had my interview and I was fully confident that I performed well. I remember the feeling of euphoria I had. “Everything is all good.” At least this is what I thought. I was ready to enjoy myself, but little did I know the turbulence was just about to begin.

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