Turbulence (Part 2)

In the middle of the storm, I was able to find my peace. Strangely enough, the peace came in the middle of the night with the sound of the wind howling. I laid in my bed, wrapped up inside my own thoughts. My flight had been canceled because of a winter storm that was coming. The sound of the wind was calming, but also nerve-wracking. I had spent the last few hours trying to get on another flight and having to book another night at my hotel. Eventually, sleep grabbed a hold of me and I could rest for a few hours. The bulk of the next day I spent in my hotel room. I had breakfast, and my dinner was the food I was able to compile together from the hotel’s continental breakfast. I only drank one bottle of water that day besides the few cups I had at breakfast. I used this day as a reminder to be grateful. I mean shit, at least I had somewhere to lay my head and I had something to eat.

I remember feeling alone hoping I would be able to get on my flight the next day and not worry about it getting canceled. Later that night, sure enough, my flight was canceled again, and the snow came down ten times harder than the previous days. I got up the next morning, frustrated and disoriented. There is nothing more crippling than being in a situation where your fate is out of your hands. Luckily, I was able to rebook for a flight later in the morning going back to Orlando. My biggest issue now was going to be finding a ride to the airport knowing outside looked like a blizzard just hit. My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:02am, but my Uber did not get to the hotel until 10:40am. “I’d rather get stranded at the airport than here,” I thought to myself. Fast forward twenty minutes later, I’ve arrived at the airport. “Last call for passenger Karl Bourne, last call for passenger Karl Bourne,” the voice echoed over the speaker.  I really thought I would make my flight, but I got to security and things took another turn for the worst.

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