Turbulence (Part 3/The End)

In the middle of the storm, I was able to find my peace. Probably because I adapted with all the storms that I had been through previously. I got to security and there was no one in line. As I went through the detector, I was told I had to be pat down. “Just my luck,” I thought to myself. The T.S.A. agent proceeded to waste my time asking me multiple questions about the reason I was in the city. After answering his slew of questions, I rushed to my gate and made it just in time. It took thirty more minutes before we left the runway. This was due to the plane needing to be deiced. Once I got to Chicago, I got to the gate for my connecting flight to find out I missed it. This day can’t possibly get any worse. After conversing with customer service, I received a ticket from Chicago to Miami. From Miami, I would take my final flight to Orlando.

The first fifteen minutes of my flight to Miami was smooth sailing, but the next two and a half hours was different. This might be one of the roughest flights I have experienced. The plane rocked bath and forth, up and down, and passengers started to get into a frenzy. The pilot let us know due to weather the entire flight would be this way. I said my prayers and hoped for the best. Fast forward to me getting home to Orlando, I was relieved and tired from the ordeals I had to endure the last few days. It didn’t make sense then, but it makes sense now. Life will not always be smooth sailing, and sometimes turbulence will come. It is not the effects of the turbulence that matters as much as it is our response to it. I choose to look at my life and be grateful. Every bump in the road and every obstacle made me stronger. True strength comes from the perspective you get, when you get through the turbulence. I’m choosing to look at the beauty in the struggle. I’m choosing to find peace in the middle of the storm. So, I propose a question, will you allow the turbulence to make you or break you?

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