Guest blogger of the Month

I’m a firm believer that united we stand and divided we fall. Too many people have a perspective that focuses on what they can get from the world. We need more people that focus on what they can do for the world. With that being said, I want to use my platform to also push other bloggers content. There is enough room at the table for everyone to eat! Here you will find all the guest bloggers for each month and a short bio on them as well.

For the month of January, we have Farimang Touray.  Farimang also known as Mang is a pre- PT that graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelors in biological sciences in May 2017. He will be starting PT school at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in June. Alaskan born and bred, Mang has learned to enjoy the beauty and numerous adventure opportunities in his home state. Mang is passionate about helping other students in their unique journey as a pre-PT and continuing to grow and evolve as a person. In his free time you can catch Mang playing or watching sports, listening to podcasts and music, Netflix, laughing, talking with friends and family and adventuring.
For the month of March, first we have Jazmine Long. Jazmine is a soon to be student physical therapist, who will be attending the DPT program at the University of the Sciences in a few months. She has used her experience of being wait listed, having to be patient for a few months, and then gaining acceptance, to put together an inspiring blog piece. Jazmine is one of Dr. Kyle Rice’s interns for the PT Hustle, and plans to build her own empire one day. Her passions include holistic health, fitness, reading books and articles for self development and self healing, and music and art.